Cupcake Mason Jars for Shipping

Love our Smallcakes and want someone else to try them?  Want to send a Sweet Treat to someone having a birthday? Is someone off to college and  missing home?  Do you vacation on LBI during the summer and want a Sweet Treat during the Winter Months?  

Maybe our Mason Jar Smallcakes Will Help!

We ship our Smallcakes in Mason Jars - 4/box, UPS Ground.  You can order one of the below selections. (1) Just type the Message to the person you are sending it to. (2) Select your method of payment. (3) Your will be transferred to a PayPal screen that will ask you the name and address of the person you are sending it to. (4)Submit payment, (5)We will confirm your order and give you tracking information.

 You can also custom order your favorite Smallcakes. Just call 609-342-0412 or message us which 4 Pack you are interested in.  Give us the name, address and message you are sending it to and we take care of the rest.

Birthday Mason Jar 4 Pack

Who doesn't like Rainbow Sprinkles and Chocolates on their cupcakes? Comes with birthday candle, balloon,etc.

Peanut Butter Delight Jar 4 Pack

Love Peanut Butter?  This Mason Jar 4 pack is perfect for you.  Peanut Butter Brownie is made with Peanut Butter cake & the others are frosted with Peanut Butter cream cheese on vanilla & chocolate cakes. Cakes are garnished with Peanut Butter candies & cookies.     

Chocolate Mason Jar 4 Pack

Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, chocolate brownies, chocolate fudge, chocolate candy.....chocolate lovers delight

Cookie Mason Jar 4 Pack

Cupcakes & Cookies...perfect together!

Rainbow Cookie Mason Jar 4 Pack

Love the Rainbow Cookie?  You will love the Rainbow Smallcake - tricolor almond cake, raspberry filling, chocolate fudge & chocolate sprinkles, topped with a rainbow cookie...SCRUMPTOUS!