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Who We Are

Smallcakes LBI opened it doors in Beach Haven with the fresh smell of cupcakes baking in the oven in May of 2017.  Who doesn't put a smile on when they see a cupcake?  And when the Ice Cream Display Freezer is seen, the excitement grows.  And  when a decision needs to be made cream or cupcakes?...we then offer our famous LBI Smashcake, a combination of a cupcake and ice just doesn't get better than this!

Although now known as the Cupcake Place on LBI, we have expanded our menu to include cookies, macarons, hot cocoa cupcake bombs, cake pops, push-up pops, cakes, ice cream cakes, shipping of Smallcakes and the list keeps on growing.  

We love being a small part of special occasions, no matter what it is.  We truly believe in our motto - Maybe A Cupcake Will Help!

               (Our LBISmallcakes are a great addition to any occasion. )

Famous Smallcakes LBI Smashcake - Cake & Ice Cream

There's nothing like combining our Smallcake with 2 scoops of our homemade ice cream.  

 Ice Cream Cone Cake...a Favorite

(3 layers of funfetti cake & 2 layers of homemade vanilla bean ice cream) 

Press coverage

 "WOW! The cupcakes are always fabulous. Today along with cupcakes I tried the pineapple coconut ice cream.

Yum. my only regret is that I didn't get a larger container. It's worth the ride go check it out.

Patrice Horton

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Seamus and Ellie, enjoying some pupcakes from our friend Donna Caufield-Doherty  at  Smallcakes LBI, NJ . Ellie is so dainty, Seamus is greedily waiting  

Tracy Ross

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SmallcakesLBI, NJ

 "Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day yesterday to wish me a happy birthday. Always a crazy day the first week of school. Dinner with Mike & Taryn at Federici’s was awesome. Finished the night with this delicious birthday cake from Smallcakes LBI, NJ. I loved the colors of the flowers .

Patricia Zylka

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SmallcakesLBI, NJ

 Another great cookie cake from Smallcakes LBI, NJ for Michaels birthday It was delicious as always! Thank you Donna 

Sharon Rickards

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SmallcakesLBI, NJ